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Archival Matte Paper 

Red River

Paper Description

This Matte paper is a sturdy 11mil thickness (standard photo paper is 10mil). This paper is for customers who enjoy the bright white, crisp detail, and wide color gamut of Polar Matte, but need just a little extra thickness and stability.


  • Quality feel of added weight and thickness

  • Best quality inkjet coating makes your photos look their best

  • Brilliant white shade helps colors pop, and whites look brilliant

  • Outstanding ink holdout for wide color gamut and sharp detail

  • Acid-Free coating/paper


Paper Description 

This Matt paper is a low-weight, cellulose paper with an optimized inkjet coating for photo application. It’s perfectly suitable for photo and poster prints as well as photo books.

The smooth, very light textured paper has a pleasant, warm tone whiteness. It excels with its print quality, ensuring the best results for daily printing.

  • Low weight cellulose based inkjet paper with 200 gsm

  • Smooth, very light textured surface

  • Natural white, warm tone

  • Matt finish

  • Optimized inkjet coating for photo application

  • Perfectly suitable for daily use

Sizing & Pricing

Red River

Single Prints                                     Photo Packs

8" x 10" - $8.00                              Pack 1 - $30.00

11" x 14" - $10.00                          Pack 2 - $45.00

16" x 20" - $15.00                          Pack 3 - $65.00


Single Prints                                     Photo Packs

8" x 10" - $12.00                            Pack 1 - $50.00

11" x 14" - $14.00                          Pack 2 - $80.00

16" x 20" - $19.00                          Pack 3 - $116.00

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